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Get Published, See Your Book in Bookstores, Reach Your Readers. It All Begins with an Agent.

Dear Frustrated Author (With An Awesome Manuscript),

You’ve done it—you’ve completed your book! Let’s take a moment first and bask in that. It’s a major accomplishment and you’ve put so much work into that your brain is likely in “go” mode and you’re excited to jump ahead to next steps. And we’ll get there in just a second—but really, before anything else: Congratulations!

Okay, okay, now the “What next?”

First, let’s get down some clear goals for your work. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • I’ll finally get it published and share my story with readers
  • With a publishing deal, I’ll be able to call myself an author because I’ll feel like I deserve the title
  • I’ll walk into a bookstore and on the shelf, I’ll see my book, right there, the culmination of everything I’ve worked for
  • I want to turn my love of writing into a full-time occupation—it’s been a lifelong dream to spend my days writing.
  • I’ll get to collaborate with a team who loves and supports my writing (on this book and future books): my agent, my editor, and my publisher

That last one is the clincher. With an agent (how good will it feel to say “MY agent”?), you’ll be partnered with someone who is in it for the long haul—who believes in you as a writer and wants to help you publish your work. Agents have the network, resources, experience and industry knowledge and you’re the talent—landing a good agent means that your responsibility lies in one thing and one thing only: your book(s).

But getting one can be tricky. Maybe you don’t know how to even get started or you’ve begun to query and aren’t sure you’re doing it right because you’re not getting any positive responses.

Either way, you’re realizing that this whole getting-an-agent thing is harder than it sounded at first.

All is not lost! You just need some guidance.



Have you ever felt this way?

  • You’re seeking an agent but are only receiving form rejection letters“No one’s taking the time to read my writing, if only they’d give me a chance.”
  • You’re afraid your work isn’t commercial enough“Agents only go for blockbusters, right?”
  • You don’t have a following or a fan base or a social media platform. “It’s no longer about the writing, it’s all about how much you can sell to your audience.”
  • You’re a first-time writer and you don’t think you’re good enough because you’ve had rejections from agents. “If no one is requesting my work, it’s probably not good.”
  • You’re consuming so much random information (blogs, conferences, writer’s groups) — that you’re overwhelmed with all the advice“Which source is correct? Why do I have to read fifteen different things for small pieces of contradicting advice?”
  • You believe agents don’t read from the slush pile, so sending queries is a waste of time“No one’s going to read it anyway.”
  • You feel like the odds of getting an agent are impossible, only people who have a great network get agents. “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Well then, you’re in the right place!

All those fears or assumptions are just that — fears and assumptions. You shouldn’t, can’t, and with this course, won’t let them stop you.

That’s the agent you’re looking for.

You feel like they’re excited, really excited about your book and they’re going to fight for you and go the extra mile to see it in print.

Do you want to get a publishing deal for your work?

Getting an advance payment from a publisher is nice, very nice, but it’s almost as gratifying to call yourself a published author.

Are you looking forward to working with a team of professionals?

You’d have an editor, a publicist, a designer, a copyeditor, the list goes on. Finally, you can focus on what you love most and know that a dedicated team of professionals is there to help.

Are you ready to reach a wide readership?

Publishers don’t always get it right, but when they invest in you, they’re making a business decision and trying to advise you and support you in reaching all your potential readers.

Do you want to become a full-time writer?

Getting published is a common first step to building the network and credentials that can help you become an author who spends their days writing.

I hear you and I get it.

As a former agent myself, I represented many authors who worked hard to achieve their goals.

I know how you feel because, as an agent, I also got rejected. I got rejected all the time. Just like authors pitch to agents, agents have to pitch to editors at the publishing house.

I made the same mistakes querying that authors do. I started off pitching in a way that felt intuitive to me. My pitches encapsulated what I loved about the book, which was nice and necessary, but lacked strategy and was ultimately ineffective. 

The first pitches I wrote were far too long. I was trying to cram so much information into one letter that’s sole purpose is to get an editor interested—not exhausted by the time he or she reached the end. And the result?

Those pitches got me nowhere.

The stakes for me were high. Agents get paid on commission. If my pitches didn’t work, and I didn’t sell the books I was representing, I wouldn’t be eating for long!

I STILL stand by my belief that the first book I sent out to editors was a great read, well written with engaging characters, but you know what? It never sold.

That was so many years ago and I’m still sad about it. I should have asked for more advice way back then because you can guarantee my colleagues would have helped.

However, from there on out, I asked a lot of questions. I showed my pitches to other agents and strategized with them behind the scenes. I also saw their pitches, dissected them, asked more questions, and compared them.

It was my full-time job to figure out how to attract the attention of editors, and I saw in real-time which pitches captivated editors and which ones languished. This is what I spent most of my day doing — for five years!

At the same time, I was getting hundreds upon hundreds of query letters… and gauging my own reactions to those.

WHY did I like that one?

WHY did I throw the other one out right away?

Remember, this wasn’t a hobby. To put it in bare, honest terms, I had to crack the code in order to start making money.

I can tell you this from personal experience: there’s a strategy to crafting successful query letters.

So here’s the thing —


My industry is full of stories of authors who figured out how to pitch effectively and suddenly realized their previous rejections were never about them or their manuscript.

The first thing they see is your query letter.

You might write like Hemingway or Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, but if your query letter isn’t getting sent to the right person or hitting the right notes, the agent likely won’t read anything further.

Nothing else is nearly as important as querying effectively. Your query letter is truly the first link to your potential agent and therefore your publishing deal.

When you learn how to research agents, how to organize your submissions, structure your query letter effectively, and follow-up, you’ll be giving your manuscript the opportunity it deserves.



You can benefit by learning from my experience and putting your time into effective strategies.


It sounds so easy. Who knows your book better than you do? No one. But you’ve got to understand it from a marketing perspective.

You need to know your genre, sub-genres, themes, audience and strengths like the back of your hand. You’ll know exactly which element to emphasize for which agent.

Most authors fail because they write one mass query that describes the book in a way that appeals to them (the author).

There are so many ways to pitch the same story and like a marketing virtuoso, you’ll come to understand your book in several different ways and learn to use that to your advantage.

You’ve probably tried to figure this out on your ownand been overwhelmed by the resources available.

To put together your dream list, you’ve got to take the right steps:

  • Learn how to use the right tools to find the agents who are already looking for a book like yours.
  • Zero in on the exact details that are relevant for your book, record those, and move on. Efficiency in research is key.
  • You need to learn how to query systematically so your submission process becomes easier, more manageable, and most importantly, less stressful!

You’ll end up with a list of dream agents who are right for your book. This is the critical part. You’ve got to create your own personalized, highly targeted list of agents who are actively looking for your voice, your story.

A literary agent requests the manuscript for a small percentage of the query letters they receive. They’re limited by time.

And most queries fail in predictable ways. Authors don’t understand the structure, the hook, the voice, and the personalization that needs to go into the letter.

Most authors write one generic query and spam as many agents as possible. Then, they wonder why they’re getting form rejections or not hearing back at all.

You need to tailor your query the right way. You need to be intentional about your description and your personalization.

Does it take more time to do that? Yes.

Is it worth it to increase your chances of hearing back from the person who can support and guide your career as an author? Oh, yes.

Your query needs to have this effect on the agents:

  • Their curiosity gets piqued, they can’t wait to start reading your actual pages
  • They sense that you know how to market yourself and that would be a huge benefit for your future publisher
  • Your voice resonates with them, they’re looking forward to getting on the phone with you
  • They start getting excited by the possibility of having found a new author whose book they want to support.

The best query letters speak to their target agent. You’ll know you’ve crafted a masterful query when you start hearing back from agents who already feel a connection with your story.

Remember that 35% of the 21 agents we surveyed said that more than half of their current, active author list came from the slush pile.

Getting an agent isn’t like chasing a dream. It’s an achievable goal.  



Query Mastery is a 10-week Online Program that Teaches You How to Find and Attract Your Ideal Literary Agent


In Query Mastery, you’ll discover:

  • How to use a proven system to find agents who will be excited about your work
  • How to think about your book from a publisher’s perspective and use it to cast a wider net for agents (all of whom will be an ideal fit for your work)
  • How to develop your list of targeted agents (exact spreadsheet included) to store strategic information that will get them to connect meaningfully with your work
  • How to query systematically so your submission process focuses on the most effective strategies and becomes easier and more manageable
  • How to elevate your pitch so you raise the agent’s perception of your book
  • The method you should use to craft an irresistible hook (so you know exactly how to get agents to keep reading)
  • How to craft the key three components of your query letter in a way that compels agents to request your manuscript
  • How to construct your bio (even if you don’t have any writing experience) most effectively
  • How to pitch unconventionally through social media and get requests through those channels
  • How to compose a synopsis that will pique or maintain the agent’s interest
  • How to self-edit your manuscript so you can fix common errors many authors miss
  • How to follow-up with agents in a way that encourages them to pull your query out of the pile
  • How to navigate requests for your work from agents (and follow-up in a way that will be appreciated)
  • How to prepare for conversations with agents so you can both make sure you’ve found a great partnership
  • How to nurture relationships with agents who provide enthusiastic feedback
  • How to use an agent offer to generate more interest (after celebrating like crazy!)



10 Weeks of Training Classes


  • 10 LIVE Online Coaching Sessions – We’ll start the course with a LIVE Orientation webinar, in which I’ll share my personal strategies to help you be successful in the course. You’ll get TEN LIVE Q&A webinars over the course of the program, in which I’ll answer any questions you have from the course, the homework, or from your own experiences. During these calls, we’ll have Hot Seat sessions, which will allow you to get my feedback on your queries in a live, group format. This means you’ll benefit from seeing everyone else’s work improve as well as your own.
  • 5 In-Depth Training Modules – Every other week, a training module will take you through the step-by-step Query Mastery system. This material is available online so you can fit it into your own schedule.
  • Lifetime Access – We’ve designed this program so you can complete it in just 10 weeks with time to implement between modules. You’ll have lifetime access to the modules though, so you can go through the course at your own pace.
  • Proven Cheat Sheets, Homework, and Special Resources – After receiving thousands of query letters as an agent, I’ve seen every mistake and every smart strategy. You’ll get over 10 resources (including word-for-word query examples, step-by-step processes, and more) so you can jump in with confidence.


  • You’ll be part of a private Facebook group of highly motivated authors who are learning and implementing insider strategies, sharing results and ideas, and supporting and holding each other accountable.
  • You can get and give feedback and advice from other authors who understand what you’re going through and are as informed (thanks to the course) about the best strategies
  • I’m going to be active in the Facebook group to answer your questions and cheer you on!



Query Mastery’s 5 Core Modules

Positioning Your Book in the Marketplace

You’ll learn how to think about your book and target agents, how to get clear on what you can and should focus on. You’ll be able to use this information to draft queries that will entice agents.

Drafting an Irresistible Query Letter

You’ll master each component of the query, one by one, starting with a hook that will grab the attention of any agent, continuing with a summary that will deliver on that premise, and ending with the closing which will impress the agent and make a request a no-brainer.

How to Approach Agent Research

This is where you learn how to curate a dynamite list of agents to query. Dynamite for you. Just because an agent is amazing and has a bazillion sales to their name, doesn’t mean they’re the best agent for you. You’re going to learn how to think about all the agents that are out there, with all the levels of experience and start to decode how and why agents fall in love with a book.

Agent Research & the System to Querying

Now that you understand who to look for and why, you’re going to learn the tools and systems that will help you collect that information. The tools are broken down step by step so you can feel confident in conducting your search and collect the relevant information that will lock each agent in your crosshairs.

The Logistics of Querying & the Art of the Follow-up

Here you’ll learn the system that will help you organize your querying so you feel like it’s easily manageable and there’s a constant systematic flow of communication between you and the right agents. You also learn what kind of follow-ups agent appreciate so you can continue to build on that meaningful connection.



• You don’t have a complete draft of your manuscript. Once you start querying, if you get a request from an agent, your manuscript has to be ready to go! No agent wants to hear that they’ll have to wait to read. It’s unprofessional.

• You’re too afraid to take action. It’s ok if you don’t feel confident as an author yet (heck, some bestselling authors feel like hacks), but you have to be willing to take action on the material you’ll be learning.

• You have a non-fiction book that’s NOT a memoir. Memoirs often have the same sort of arc or narration as a novel and ore generally are written before they’re pitched to agents, but other non-fiction, such as business books are sold on proposal. A proposal is different from a query letter, as are the credentials agents look for in non-fiction authors, so this program is not right for you. (Please note: It is RIGHT for fiction and memoir authors.)

• You’re looking for a quick fix. No one becomes a bestseller overnight. We’ll teach you the most effective strategies but it still takes effort and focus.


You have a novel or a memoir and your dream is to get a literary agent. It's a top priority for you and your book, and you’re ready to all the necessary actions and make this dream a reality!

You've reached out to many agents and are feeling deflated because you haven't received a positive response, but you're ready to start again and tackle it the right way!

You’re a first-time author but you're ready to invest in yourself as an author. You know it’s time to learn how to pitch your book and give it the chance it deserves.

You're tired of blindly sending out random letters and reading conflicting advice. You want an easy step-by-step system to follow to get your book in the right hands.

Yes, I want in!


30 Day Full Refund Guarantee


Here is my promise to you. If you go through Query Mastery and within a month honestly feel I’ve wasted your time or you weren’t able to find any value, send me an email in 30 days and I’ll gladly refund you. No questions asked, no hard feelings. You have 4 weeks to decide if you love it!

Before you ask, here's the FAQ.

Will my query letter get critiqued personally?

Using Query Mastery’s best practices, you will be tailoring and personalizing your letter for different agents, so a critique of one letter won’t necessarily translate to all your permutations. This is why you’ll learn how to draft each element of the letter using exercises that are designed to help you master them.

However, you can still get personal critiques on your letters! Every week, we have the live coaching call. If you want to submit part of your letter for a Hot Seat, you can get it critiqued live on the call.

This way, you’ll learn from the critique of your own work as well as the critiques of your fellow QM Authors. It will give you a lot of experience to help you genuinely understand what works and what doesn’t.

Hot Seats will also be available from the other agents in the Bonus Labs.

And don’t forget, you’ll be sharing worksheet exercises in the Facebook group and getting feedback and support there as well.

When does Query Mastery start?

Right away! As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive some introductory emails to help you get oriented, as well as a login to the site, and you’ll be able to join the Facebook group.


What if my manuscript isn't complete?

It’s best to take Query Mastery if you’re close to completing your manuscript. It doesn’t necessarily have to be finished, but you want to be close enough that you feel ready to start thinking about agents.

Can I take Query Mastery if I write non-fiction?

If you’ve written a memoir, then yes! The querying process for memoirs is the same as for fiction. However, Query Mastery does not apply to any other type of non-fiction.

Am I required to complete the course in 10 weeks?

No! You have lifetime access to the course materials. Within the ten week period, you’ll have access to the five coaching calls and three agent calls.

Will my questions get answered on the Coaching Calls?

Yes! I’m usually able to answer everyone’s questions. However, if the call is longer than 2 hours and it’s getting late and I still haven’t answered your question, we’ll take it over to Facebook the following day and I’ll respond to you there.

Gold Membership
  • 5 LIVE Online Coaching Sessions
  • 5 In-Depth Training Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Proven Cheat Sheets, Homework, and Special Resources
  • Private Facebook Community
Silver Membership
3 months
  • 5 In-Depth Training Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Proven Cheat Sheets, Homework, and Special Resources
  • Private Facebook Community


This line of thinking is absent from the other class I've taken and I never realized how valuable it was until I had to do it … I feel like the product you're offering may be worth MORE ... For me, given that you have live, one-on-one coaching, very professional and informative learning modules, etc., I think you could price the course more in the $1,200 - $1,500 range and be just as successful.

“Mind. Blown. Seriously. The query mastery course is just that, a mastery course. I've taken query workshops before and even paid for query critiques. I was certain there was no more to learn. I was wrong. A lot of a-ha moments in this course. I only wish I could take back all of the queries I sent prior to taking this course. But I'm ready to query again and feel confident I know what I'm doing this time.”

“After completing Query Mastery, I now feel totally confident in my ability to successfully navigate the querying process. This confidence stems from both the challenging work done during the carefully planned and sequenced course modules and the meaningful feedback obtained via the weekly coaching calls and private online community. I can’t imagine any other better way to master the querying process!”

Gold Membership
  • 5 LIVE Online Coaching Sessions
  • 5 In-Depth Training Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Proven Cheat Sheets, Homework, and Special Resources
  • Private Facebook Community
Silver Membership
3 months
  • 5 In-Depth Training Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Proven Cheat Sheets, Homework, and Special Resources
  • Private Facebook Community