Social Media Lab Bonus with Sharon Pelletier

How to Excel at Twitter Pitches

About This Bonus

We were lucky to have Sharon Pelletier join us for this Social Media Lab. As an agent at Dystel Goderich & Bourret, Sharon was an early proponent of social media pitching and she’s still a regular participant. (We’ve learned so much from her that she’s quoted in a Query Mastery module.)

In this session, Sharon shares interesting insights on twitter pitching in general, before critiquing five sets of twitter pitches. Once she explains which tweet in each pitch is the strongest — and why — you’ll find yourself scribbling down notes.

A personal favorite was the importance of considering priority in the order in which you mention things. You should end on the strongest note!

  • Kısaca bizi; Kaliteli Hizmet, Hzlı Teslimat, Güvenli Ödeme ve Sınrsız Destek sloganlar ile tercih edebilirsiniz.

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